Museum Life Interview

I’m currently on my way back from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I attended the Visitor Studies Association annual conference. It’s been a very thought provoking conference and has been a chance for me to present some of the results from my PhD research (more on the conference later, once I’ve had a chance to digest it all).

Sometimes when you’re in a different time zone, interesting opportunities present themselves – this time, while in Albuquerque, I was a guest on Carol Bossert’s online radio program Museum Life. It streamed live but also is available online:

It’s an in-depth interview: the whole show goes for a little under an hour (so go grab a coffee now if you plan to listen. . .). I talk a little bit about how I came to museums, what led to me pursuing a PhD, an overview of some of my research findings, and how I think these might be able to be applied to museum practice. I hope you find it interesting!

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  1. I really enjoyed that Regan, thanks for posting.
    I am at the beginning stages of my PhD so lots to think about and nice to hear from someone on the other side of the journey. I will look forward to seeing the finished PhD and how you structured your user analysis and audience research.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Rebecca. Everyone’s PhD journey is different but there are common themes and good online resources like the Thesis Whisperer blog. Good luck with yours!

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