What I do

So . . . what do I do, in 25 words or less?

I help cultural organisations* connect with their audiences.

Rio Sculpture
Matisse-inspired sculpture at Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, 2005

I do this by . . .

* Helping institutions see themselves through the eyes of a visitor (visitor experience audits)
* Facilitating inspiring staff development workshops
* Writing clear, accessible text for exhibit labels, signage, brochures and graphics
* Planning and conducting audience research and exhibit evaluation
* Developing plans and strategies that find order in the chaos of ideas and possibilities

The main way I do this is as Director of Interactivate, a research and creative consultancy that specialises in museums and cultural heritage.

*N.B. I use ‘cultural organisations’ as a catch-all for museums, science centres, visitor attractions, botanic gardens, national parks, historic sites . . . pretty much anywhere that has a story to tell and visitors to tell it to.

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